Volunteer Spotlight…Meet Alexis!

Hi, I am Alexis! I am the youth board advisor here at GiGi’s. I also help with administrative tasks over the summer months.

Best thing I have seen would have to be how the participants build such beautiful connections with volunteers. So many exchanges of smiles and laughter that could brighten anyone’s day! I also love seeing youth within the community contributing back to such a wonderful organization with a strong mission to changing how the world views Down syndrome and the message of acceptance for all.

It was truly hard to choose what my favorite event at GiGis has been. Hollywood night has to be the top. This is an event where participants and their family have the chance to dress-up, dance, get delicious ice cream, and take a limo ride. This is one of the larger events the Youth Board puts on in the month of May. The close second has to be the Harvest Picnic. It is so great to see surrounding companies supporting GiGi’s mission.

My why is because every child deserves someone on their side rooting them on to achieve their goals! I believe every student has the ability to succeed. I am also a school psychologist during the school year where I work with students of all abilities. This is one of my true passions working with students and watching them thrive. The Generation G promise is something I strive to live by and spread the word to every student I work with.

If I had more time I wish I could be more involved one-on-one with participants to build those connections. Outside of being a school psychologist I am also a Pilates and barre instructor at a local studio. When I do get free time I enjoy reading, being outdoors, being at the lake fishing, and cooking.

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