When expectant parents receive a diagnosis of Down syndrome (DS), they often ask: what impact will this have on my other son or daughter?  The understandable concerns would be that this child with Down syndrome will demand more attention, thereby sacrificing time that may otherwise be devoted to an existing or future child. How can this not result in the other children feeling slighted, or resentful towards their brother or sister with Down syndrome who “gets all the attention”?  Did you know that many of GiGi’s programs encourage sibling attendance? Hear a local story from Aidan, big brother to Morgan about how he feels…

Having Morgan as a sister has been quite a learning experience. Some of the better things about her are how she can make people talk or look at her pretty much anywhere we go. Then, there is her cuteness factor which she uses to get whatever she wants just by looking at you. And finally, there is her strength. I was there with her at her last heart surgery and she was stronger than I could be, even at my current age.

Now, here are some bad things about having Morgan as a sister. First, when I look at other kids her age, I see them standing and walking and crawling, but Morgan doesn’t. I guess that is what her therapy is for, right. Second, at night she can be so hyperactive that you can’t even hold her. Lastly, when we are eating dinner or playing cards, she does this weird, like, shaking motion and we know it is because she is just excited, but it still kind of freaks me out.

And those are some good and bad things about having Morgan as a sister.


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