Lillian – Volunteer Spotlight


Lillian is one of our phenomenal volunteers that has been helping us out since 2018! She has helped us out as a consistent volunteer assistant pre-pandemic with Fantastic Friends, Teen Tastic,
Holiday Parties, Dances, and Special Olympics Young Athletes Program. Since the pandemic Lillian jumped in as a volunteer assistant virtually with Fantastic Friends, Teen Tastic, Dance, GiGiFIT Teens and Adults, GiGi’s Kitchen Adults, Yoga, Social Skills for Teens and Adults – each time bringing her positivity, modeling for participants, and beautiful connections made to others.

Then we found a leadership opportunity for Lillian to learn to become a program leader for some programs where we were looking for consistency –  Kids Club, Teen Tastic, and Fantastic Friends were the programs she led up virtually for us from January through May 2021. Every single program that Lillian led, she carefully planned out about a month in advance, did a practice with the Program Manager for full preparation, and delivered in an organized and professional manner every single time.

Every participant, program lead, family, and staff member that Lillian interacts with is done in a positive, outgoing, enthusiastic, and kind manner. The participants have really enjoyed interacting with her.

We are all honored to have Lillian as one of our outstanding volunteers as part of our GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities community. Thank you Lillian for your service to our community all these years. We appreciate your dedication.

This week, Lillian will be leading up Kids Club/Teen Tastic, Wednesday, May 19th, 5pm – and you can find more details and register: HERE

Lillian will also be leading up Fantastic Friends, Thursday, May 20th, 5pm – and you can find more details and register: HERE

Join us for our June 5th GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge, 10 Years of Dashing! Create your own team and register: HERE

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