Dr. Julie – Volunteer Sportlight

Dr. Julie is a very experienced educator who is thoughtful, hard-working, compassionate, patient, and organized. These traits are the very reason she’s constantly making a huge impact in so many ways at GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities for many years, including right now through this time of the pandemic.

Dr. Julie jumped in as a board member for GiGi’s to actively serve out her entire term being highly engaged, where as an educator she was able to contribute her professional input and assistance for all our programs to help support our families.

Dr. Julie created the concept of Story Telling – PJ’s and Books offered for all ages (but especially popular among our families with younger children), along with organizing Minnesota authors to read from their books with our community. During the pandemic, she helped work with us to create a virtual Story Telling – PJ’s and Books, that went every single week this past summer, and then on into this current school year some months on a Saturday morning.

Dr. Julie has been an amazing Literacy tutor for both St. Louis Park and Hudson locations. She has inspired all participants to love reading – with her careful preparation and constant encouragement, along with supporting the entire family at the very same time. Many participants fondly call her, “Grandma Julie”, because of how close they get to her in this program. She ended up being one of only a few volunteers locally that were willing to pilot our virtual literacy tutoring this past fall, as well as taking it on enthusiastically with two students. She made an amazing impact on these two students and families – even virtually!

She has also been a very active member on our Gala Committee. Her thoughtful contributions through organization and hard work always helps make the gala a smashing success over the years. She is currently on the committee for planning out this year’s gala, which for the first time is pivoting to a virtual gala – which she is taking on this task wholeheartedly.

We are honored to have Dr. Julie be an incredible volunteer leader at GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities over many years. We look forward to the many ways we will continue to work together with Dr. Julie into the future. Thank you Dr. Julie for your service to our community!

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