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Dahlia’s Story – Giving from the Heart!

Dahlia had her Bat Mitzvah this May. She decided, on her own, with all her gifts of cash and checks she received from many family members and friends who attended her Bat Mitzvah, that she would pay it forward to her local community. Dahlia thought carefully about all the many causes that she really cared about to make this significant contribution, at this amazing time of her life. One cause Dahlia really cares about is supporting people with disabilities. Dahlia decided that GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities is the perfect fit for one of her donations to be made. Today Dahlia and some of her family members stopped by to make this generous donation to help GiGi’s.

Dahlia and her family have now also expressed an interest in getting involved with volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities in the future. Dahlia’s idea of making this amazing donation to GiGi’s could lead to other future involvements with her family at GiGi’s.

Thank you Dahlia for making this great contribution to our community. Thanks for also getting your family interested in GiGi’s. You are making a difference. You inspire all of us to give from the heart. Thanks for being you!

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