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Amelie, one of our amazing adult self-advocates, joined our GiGi’s community in June 2017. Amelie is kind, bright, thoughtful, hard-working, and friendly. She has participated in so much adult programming in person at the Playhouse in St. Louis Park: Fantastic Friends, Social Skills/Speech – Self Advocacy for Adults, EPIC, as well as attending the quarterly dances. She also helped volunteer in a Social Skills program for younger children to serve as both an assistant as well as a role model for the children. Since April 2020, Amelie has joined us almost every single week for virtual Fantastic Friends this spring and summer – where we have done everything from self-advocacy skills, to nutrition/cooking skills, to theater activities, to Art History and exploration, to fun interactive/social/communication skills and games. GiGi’s Twin Cities Programming has helped Amelie to find wonderful friendships among her peers as well as build some wonderful skills across many different subject areas through our FREE, progressive, purposeful, educational, and therapeutic programming.

Amelie really enjoys art and is a tremendous artist. This summer, when Ann led a Fantastic Friends with the focus on art history and studio art, Amelie was thrilled! She not only eagerly participated that day, but also showed us her art talent that she expressed in class and on her own time. Check out her beautiful photos of her artwork!

Amelie has been working hard at Bethel University, where she recently completed her freshman year being part of the BUILD Program. Amelie and her family decided that she would take off this school year given the circumstances in our world, and she will be looking to return back to Bethel next year. In the meantime, Amelie is staying very engaged with all our upcoming GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities programming – as she has already signed up for some of the wonderful opportunities for adults this October led by our amazing volunteers.

We are honored to have Amelie and her family be part of our GiGi’s community. Way to go Amelie with all your many accomplishments! We look forward to seeing what exciting things the future will bring for you.

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