Working Towards a Dream

Benjamin’s Best of All Moment

When you walk through the Playhouse doors on the nights when our Achievers Program is happening, you will see Benjamin working hard and giving his all, no matter what task he is doing. His enthusiasm shines through with any assignment he is given. He is excited because every time he comes to Achievers, he is working towards his dream of living independently. Benjamin has been coming to GiGi’s Playhouse Twin Cities since the opening in 2013 when he was just 10 years old. He has many fond memories at GiGi’s throughout the past 11 years.


Benjamin finds great joy in GiGi’s Achievers program, which empowers adults with Down syndrome through purposeful activities aimed at fostering continued learning and fulfillment. Achievers promotes essential skills like communication, self-awareness, and independence, all within a supportive community environment. Benjamin’s enthusiasm for Achievers stems from his pursuit of his dream of independent living. Through the program, he’s honing skills like cooking healthy meals, forging friendships, staying active through activities like pickleball and gym sessions, all of which he sees as crucial steps towards realizing his goal of living in his own apartment one day. “I want to live in my own apartment with roommates someday. I want to have a big kitchen with an island and barstools and have party lights. I will have my family over for dinner. I will cook shrimp, white rice, and broccoli. I want to have a patio and live by a lake to watch the sunset. I will watch movies with friends and make smoothies, listen to music, workout, go for walks, and swim in the pool,” said Benjamin. This spring session is Benjamin’s second time in the Achievers program, and he loves it. His favorite thing that he made at Achievers is chicken tenders with sauce. Benjamin added, “I love going to Achievers. I also love dancing and singing karaoke with friends at GiGi’s and doing theatre too. I love hanging out with friends at GiGi’s.”

Benjamin, we are proud of all the hard work you have put in for your #BestofAll moment this spring!

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