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A Successful Start to Our Friends, Fun, and Fitness Teen Program!

Aiden, his mom, and program lead Heidi after a Friends, Fun, and Fitness Teen Program.

In early June, we launched our Friends, Fun, and Fitness Teen program in the newly opened Fitness Room! This 4-week program was designed to test out the space and equipment and allowed us to see what worked best for our participants. The program was a great success, filled with laughter, energy, and new experiences. Among all the enthusiastic teens, one participant, in particular, stood out: Aiden.

From the start, Aiden arrived prepared and eager, with his water bottle in hand and a positive attitude that set the tone for the entire group. He listened attentively to the program leads, ensuring he followed all instructions. Whether it was a new exercise or a challenging activity, Aiden tackled it without complaints, executing each move as demonstrated.

A group of teens and volunteers in a circle doing sit ups.

Aiden’s determination and athleticism didn’t go unnoticed. His dedication inspired his peers, who began to emulate his approach and effort. The program leads were particularly impressed by Aiden describing him as a standout participant and a role model for others. His ability to lead by example made a significant impact on the group, fostering a supportive and motivated environment.

Thank you, Aiden, for giving your #BestofAll! Your hard work and positive spirit are greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing more of your growth in future programs.

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