Drew – Best of All

Drew and his brother show off their completed wraps!

Meet Drew, a participant in our new GiGi’s Kitchen Kids program. With his humor and kindness, Drew lights up any room he enters. Beyond the kitchen, at GiGi’s you’ll often find him honing his basketball skills in the gym.

He arrived at the first GiGi’s Kitchen Kids class a little nervous but that went away when he saw his friend Benjamin and was excited to try something new. Drew was a natural in the kitchen! He quickly picked up proper knife skills while chopping vegetables for the wrap and learning how to measure ingredients for the smoothie.

On the very next day Drew decided to recreate the wrap he learned at class, sharing the joy of cooking with his brother. Drew’s journey truly captures the spirit of #BestofAll, serving as an inspiration to us all as we celebrate the joy of learning, friendship, and new skills.

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