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Meet our wonderful LMNOP Lead Nancy

Not all volunteers show there true talents until put into action. We can certainly say that about our Lead LMNOP volunteer Nancy. Since her start in September 2022, Nancy a quiet yet amazing individual has graced us with her calm demeanor and knack for livening up the LMNOP sessions. She is careful to make sure all participants including parents are fully engaged in activities as well as having a blast doing so.

Nancy eluding the camera but well engaged in a sensory activity

We asked Nancy to share a bit about her experience with GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego and here is what she told us:

  1. How did you hear about GiGi’s Playhouse/GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego? 

I learned about GiGi’s through my colleague Liza Winslow  who had been volunteering and leading programs at GiGi’s for a while. I then started volunteering for programs like Destination Discovery and other events. After a while Jeri Gurley proposed I lead the LMNOP program and gladly accepted!

  • Those community connections are key to us growing and sharing all our wonderful, free programs!
  1. What inspired you to volunteer? 

I was looking to volunteer at programs where I can offer support as an occupational therapist. While I can only hope that my contribution is making a difference in the slightest way possible; I know that the impact volunteering at Gigi’s has made on my life is immeasurable.

  • It is because of volunteers like Nancy that we are able to progress and strive, giving our participants a great, meaningful and purposeful programs. We know without a doubt Nancy has made huge, positive impressions on our LMNOP participants as they return each session with smiles!
  1. What is your favorite thing about GiGi’s Playhouse? 

The smiles, positivity and joy on everyone’s faces. It is such an incredibly welcoming environment!

  • The learning world should be welcoming, inviting and fun. GiGi’s Playhouse certainly strives for that as well as encourages that Acceptance for all!
  1. What would you like us to incorporate or do? 

GiGi’s is doing amazing work with various programs and outreach efforts. My suggestion would be to incorporate more professional forums/discussions to help families navigate early intervention/IFSP and IEP processes. 

  • This is something we are working towards! Be sure to check monthly calendar

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