The magnificent mother-son duo: Trish and Zander Candia

Trish and Zander Candia


Our volunteer Trish Candia, originally from Oregon, moved to San Diego because of the SUN!

Trish and her son Zander have been consistently volunteering at GiGi’s San Diego for almost 1 year.

Trish has been an elementary school teacher for 20 years and felt that God was calling her in a different direction. “There has always been a special place in Zander and my heart for friends with Down syndrome.” – Trish.

What Trish loves most about volunteering at GiGi’s San Diego is, “how my face hurts from smiling so much… I love the love in the room!” – Trish.

Trish loves traveling and reading. And her son Zander, loves skateboarding and art.

Something few people know about them, is that Trish grew up on a Swiss dairy farm and Zander is ambidextrous.

THANK YOU Trish and Zander

for donating your time and positive energy to our Playhouse!




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