Shep’s Steps to Best of All

Shepard aka Shep, has been coming to the Playhouse since 2018 when he was about 2 years old, participating in LMNOP, Crawlers & Walkers, Music Therapy, Kids Club, and Playhouse Pals. Just this year, Shep started Literacy Tutoring with Mrs. Jeri.

Shep is very energetic and lively during sessions, where office staff can often times hear his animal pairing noises, one of his best being the roaring lion.

Growing up with GiGi’s, Shep surely embraces and utilizes the GiGi’s culture which allows him to be his own person but also teaches him to try new things.

GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego does not offer GiGi’s Kids Kitchen just yet but who knows what the future may bring and tell you what, Shep, I’m sure will be an active participant in it! GiGi’s staff found out that Shep likes to try different foods which was presented by his mom Laura. She explained that Shep loved pureed beets and wouldn’t you know it, our garden plot had a few left over from the GiGi’s Kitchen gives back to volunteers day. Laura let us know Shep was so excited about his new beet friends, that he even took them to bed with him (washed of course) but then came to time where they were going to boil and puree them. Shep better preferred them as beet friends than to eat.

Having the GiGi’s garden plot has allowed our Kitchen program the ability to offer fresh vegetables when growth allows.

Another fun activity Shep was able to participate in was an extra fun 4th of July recipe but since he was not old enough for the kitchen program, Site Manager gave a copy to Laura and Shep was able to enjoy at home.

Shep making 4th of July fruit skewers

“We just wanted to say thank you to Ms. Rissa for giving us the ‘recipe’ so Shep could participate…even though he’s too little for Playhouse kitchen time at the moment.  

He made smaller ”fireworks” and ate all the watermelon.  He spit out the marshmallows and claimed they were “yucky!” 

Thank you for all you do for him! ” – Laura Noble  


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