Participant Best of All

Coralie’s Best of All Journey

Coralie has participated at GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego since it opened in 2018.  She has comes to our events and enjoys doing all the different activities. Coralie has been in our virtual literacy tutor program since the beginning as well.  

When Coralie started in our program, she didn’t like to answer questions or try the activities.  She didn’t talk much but she would always sit and listen with her mother.  As time went by little-by-little Coralie would start to respond with pointing. While watching her it was apparent that while Coralie was watching and listening, she was processing everything and learning each session. This is something we need to remember with all our participants that they learn a lot by observing first.

Now when I start a session, she begins by sharing things she has done at school or with her family. She shares with me and asks me how I am. She is ready to learn, and her mom doesn’t need to sit with her to get her to participate. She knows the routine and pays attention to an entire session, and we usually go for longer than our designated time. Coralie has continued to grow and learn. She now is answering comprehension questions I ask and reading her BEST OF ALL each session!

GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego offers Literacy and Math tutor both in-person and virtual based on the participants needs. For more information please email: or visit

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