“Mom, I am reading with Lisa!”

We are so lucky to have amazing volunteers like Lisa. Is people like her that makes GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego a great place and brings out the “Best of All” in all of us. What’s “Best of All”? It’s one of GiGi’s Playhouse core values: We are always looking to improve every day, with all that we do. Challenge yourself every day. 💙 💛

“Sean and Lisa had an amazing connection which had developed over time better and better. Sean did really amazing during the last session—so happy and confident. They have their routine down (start with catching up; do the work and Sean gets to choose a song to play; and repeat) and Lisa understands Sean so well now. Sometimes I think she gets Sean better than me! 🙂

Anyhow, again, my husband Jon and I are very grateful for GiGi’s (as Sean participate other programs as much as he could (like GiGi’s music is one of his favorites) and the literacy program has helped Sean to bring out his potential more than we thought. It made us rethink how we could support Sean.
Thank you so much for the information and thank you so much for what you do for our kids! I just wanted to tell you that our teacher Lisa is absolutely amazing and Sean LOVES and looks forward to every Monday. I have never seen him focusing so much in reading and Q&A especially for the entire hour! It has been just incredible to witness. We are looking forward to the spring program (and hoping Lisa comes back 😊 ).
Thank you and thank you for all the work you do.” With gratitude- Kyung H., Sean’s mom.


Sean’s tutor, Lisa Finburgh

“I’ve absolutely adored working with Sean, my other amazing friends I’ve tutored, and all the incredible families! I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with Gigi’s as it’s truly brought me so much joy these past few months. The resilience and flexibility everyone has shown during this crazy time has inspired me, and the growth from the beginning of the session to now has made me the happiest. I can’t wait to resume next session! Happy holidays everyone. Sending big virtual hugs!!” -Lisa F., Tutor volunteer Fall 2020.

We are so excited for 2021, we know good things are waiting for GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego.
We are hopeful for the new year and can not wait to see families and volunteers again!💫

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