Meet Valerie: our Awesome Volunteer and GiGi’s Kitchen Program Lead

Valerie S.

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GiGi’s Kitchen Program Lead

Valerie S., originally from Riverside, CA has been volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego since Fall 2021. She started volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse because some of her very best friends in the world have Down syndrome and she wanted to connect with the DS community out here in San Diego. She then decided to complete her occupational therapy capstone project focused on employment opportunities for adults with DS.

“I was able to recruit adults with DS from GiGi’s and facilitate my program at the playhouse! I’ve since finished that program but have remained an active volunteer at the playhouse.” – Valerie S.

What she likes the most about volunteering at GiGi’s, is that GiGi’s gives individuals with DS and their families a physical space to find community. “I love walking in and catching up with all my friends!” – Valerie S.

Valerie’s favorite hobbies are walking, online shopping, doing something creative, and hanging out with friends. Besides volunteering tremendously with GiGi’s, she just started a job as a pediatric occupational therapist!




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