Discipline and Commitment lead her to a White Belt


Is not every day that we come across some extra awesomeness at our GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego. Today we are talking about our participant Katherine C. who earned her White Belt and her Sensei Amanda P.


About Katherine C.


Katherine C. just began practicing karate this summer when GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego re-opened. Katherine told us, “It’s fun and I like pretending to be a ninja.”
It was a surprise to Katherine when she got her White belt and she felt very proud about it. But it wasn’t easy. Her dedication and commitment to Karate Kickers proofed that she earned her White belt confidently. She told us, “I couldn’t wait to get home and show my dad and sister.”
Katherine wants to invite everyone ages 8 and up to try Karate Kickers. She says, “Karate is fun and Sensei Amanda is a great teacher. It’s also great exercise! I love GiGi’s Playhouse!”

About our Sensei Amanda P.

Amanda has been practicing martial arts for 15 years and she has been a Sensei for 7 years. She has been a volunteer with GiGi’s since we opened  in 2019. So we asked her, “why did she start volunteering at GiGi’s?” She responded to us: “I saw that it was opening on an ad on Instagram. I reached out to the director and offered to teach the karate class. I’m very passionate about martial arts being beneficial for kids with special needs.”

Sensei Amanda P. also told us what she likes the most about volunteering at GiGi’s, “The kids have contagious energy, the volunteers are wonderful, helpful people, and instilling confidence in people is the best part about being a sensei.”

Sensei Amanda P. is turning her adaptive martial arts into a business, but she said “I will always volunteer my services with GiGi’s as long as they’ll have me.”


Since 2019 GiGi’s San Diego has been offering the program “Karate Kickers”.

Karate Kickers focuses on development of balance, coordination, discipline, focus, attention, and confidence. There is no physical contact between peers.

For youth with Down syndrome ages 8 and up. Siblings are welcome!

This program will be in person!!

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