A piece of London Fashion Week in our ‘i have a voice’ fundraiser!

WARNING! If you haven’t bought your tickets to our ‘i have a voice’ Dream, Sparkle & Shine fundraiser, you’ll want to run to get them after reading this!

Meet Isabella Springmuhl

Isabella is the youngest of four. She grew up in a loving home and was always encouraged to pursue her passions. These include horse-back riding (since she was two!), singing and fashion design. Isabella is also the first fashion designer from Guatemala to be invited to participate in London Fashion Week. This also made her the first fashion designer with Down syndrome to be a part of LFW. Her collections are a reflection of her roots. They’re filled with lively colors and are reminiscent of the indigenous garments native to Guatemala.

Becoming an influential figure in the fashion world wasn’t easy. She applied to several fashion schools right after she graduated high school. She was turned down because of her diagnosis. Instead of giving up, she decided to enroll in sewing classes and design classes on her own. She was invited to participate in different exhibitions and sure enough her designs took off, selling out every time!

Isabella Springmuhl, fashion designer

Life after London Fashion Week

Isabella’s presence was covered by the international media. As a result, her skills were recognized in various channels, consequently exposing her work to new markets. Her company, Down to Xjabelle, is thriving and a line designed specifically for individuals with Down syndrome is in the works. She is a BBC 100 Women and also part of our #21DaysofEmpowerment campaign for WDSD. She has become a self-advocate and motivator by embracing her diagnosis as well as encouraging others to fight for their dreams and never give up!

‘i have a voice’ Dream, Sparkle & Shine Benefit Cocktail Party

We are happy to announce that Isabella has generously donated one of her pieces to be auctioned off in our fundraiser (April 29th at 5pm at Sparks Gallery in downtown San Diego). She knows how important it is to have access to therapy, educational reinforcement, inclusion, acceptance and support! These are all part of GiGi’s Playhouse’s core and it’s our mission to bring this to San Diego. Since our programs are volunteer-based and free for all our Playhouse families, we need your support. Please join us for our biggest fundraiser of the year! Buy your tickets now and get a chance to bid on Isabella’s hand made, one-of-a-kind designer piece!

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