A motorcycle community hits the road to support GiGi’s San Diego

Thank you to Kinetic Element MC for gathering up their motorcycle community friends and hitting the road to raise over $2,000 in support of GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego!
We are very fortunate that club Road Captain, Matt Fearon had experienced the difference organizations like GiGi’s Playhouse can make:
” Just so you know how we chose your organization: … my girlfriend’s brother has down syndrome. If it wasn’t for organizations like yours back in Maine, things would have been much more difficult for her and her family. Much respect and love is extended to you for what you accomplish for these families every day.”
“Thank you for coming out and for all that you do for our community. We look forward to working with you guys again soon.” – Kenjin Kemc.
It was a thrill and pleasure to meet this fantastic group and be part of this special day!
💙 💛

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