Dear Friends and Supporters,

Annually as the end of the year approaches, I always take time to look back on the prior year and eagerly anticipate the freshness of a new year ahead. This year I look back and I’m amazed! Astonished at the amount of change that we all experienced, like it or not, and how everything happened so quickly! We rewrote the book on workflows, time at home, our kids’ education, within our relationships, and spent time in so many virtual meetings!
GiGi’s Playhouse staff has risen to the challenge and shown fortitude and resilience during challenging times. Without missing a beat, virtual programs started and new programs were launched. The GiGi’s network found ways to create community in a time when we couldn’t physically be together.

It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure working alongside the hardworking, dedicated, and talented Board of Directors.  Of course, we could not have done it without the love and support from all our donors and volunteers. This has been a challenging time for all nonprofits, as fundraising events have been canceled and donations have been severely impacted.  Fundraising is down 40% network wide. If you are able, consider helping us continue the important work we do by making a recurring donation in any amount . We believe the work we are doing at GiGi’s Playhouse provides critical support and promise to those with Down Syndrome and their families and we can’t do the work without funding.
We are working locally to reopen the Playhouse safely in early 2021 for limited in-person activities.  Stay tuned – we are going to slowly make an in-person option available for those that are comfortable and desire to be in the Playhouse.
This holiday season, I wish you much happiness and health.
With love,
Karen Falk, GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego President

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