We all live in a virtual world, virtual world, virtual world. We all live in a virtual world and we’re so glad you’re here! (Sing that to the tune of Yellow Submarine…LOL)

We may sometimes wish we were on a submarine and hiding from all that is happening in the world right now but we’re very thankful that you’re not and you’ve chosen to join us in the virtual world. The following people have stepped out of their comfort zones to volunteer and ensure that our families still have access to the programs that they know and love. Without them, we would not have been able to do all we’ve done to overcome the hurdles that COVID brought.

Program Leaders

Misty, LMNOP

Tanasha, Playhouse Pals/Kids Club

Ana, Teen Tastic/Fantastic Friends

Paige, GiGiFIT

Lorna, Music Therapy

Chelsea, Leaps & Bounds

Program Assistants

Josh, GiGiFIT

Kayla, GiGiFIT

Meagin, GiGiFIT

Mara, Teen Tastic/Fantastic Friends


Sue, Literacy

Amy, Literacy

Hannah H, Math & Literacy

Amanda, Literacy

Olivia, Math & Literacy

Alondra, Literacy

Hannah O, Math

Literacy & Math Coordinators

Barb & Kathy

Speech Pathologists

Ann & Sarah

Special Guests

Kaitlyn & Jessica (facilitating the OT conversation for 2 & Under)

Ann (facilitating the Speech conversation for 2 & Under)

Jenn (planning and coordinating the curriculum for Leaps & Bounds)


Ava, Marketing Intern

For many of these amazing volunteers, the virtual world was a little scary as it was for many of us. With lots of time, patience, practice and troubleshooting they (and we) have overcome and conquered! We know virtual programming is not ideal and it’s not for everyone BUT we’ve heard from families and volunteers that they are glad they gave it a chance and have enjoyed their time in the virtual world.

Thank you to all that have joined us there! If you haven’t attended a virtual program yet, we encourage you to give it a try.

We do hope to see you in person sometime soon! We will make announcements once we know more about reopening.


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