Help Support GiGi’s: No Cost Necessary

In light of our current situation, we wanted to share some helpful information on how to support small businesses and non-profits, such as GiGi’s Playhouse, without spending money:

1. Follow them on social media: this helps them to connect with you better and allows them to reach a wider audience.

2. Like their posts: this allows them to see which content works best, it helps them reach the news feed of people who may not like/follow the page and it helps them gain new followers.

3. Share their posts: you become an advocate for them when other people see that you’ve shared something. This can easily create new connections for them!

4. Comment on their posts: the algorithm will help show the post in others’ news feeds, which helps their posts reach more people. This helps grow their network too!

5. Tag friends who would like them: this is a digital form of word of mouth, which means so much to a small business or non-profit.

6. Tell friends about them: even if it isn’t something for you, you might have a friend who may be interested. Recommendations between friends are key to small businesses and non-profits.

7. Write reviews and give feedback: this allows possible patrons to get an accurate picture of the business or non-profit. Many small businesses and non-profits welcome constructive feedback as well. This helps them improve the service for all customers. Reviews can be given on Facebook, YELP and Google too!

8. Sign up for their newsletter: this can help you stay in the know even if you aren’t on social media. Newsletters help tell all that’s going on in the business or organization. Forwarding this newsletter can also help them reach a larger audience.

Small businesses and non-profits tend to have small marketing budgets, a lot don’t even have a marketing budget at all! So by helping spread their message and information about their business or non-profit you allow them to carry on their duties!

Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate our GiGi’s community. We will get through this together!! ❤️❤️❤️

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