End of Year + Endowment = FUTURE

Dear GiGi’s Playhouse Supporters,

My name is Chad Johnson, and I am honored to serve as the Board President for our beloved Quad Cities Playhouse.  You may be well-acquainted with our Playhouse’s remarkable journey over the past few years. Our most recent milestone was expanding our physical space, a feat that has allowed us to broaden our programs and extend our reach to even more families in our vibrant community. 

At our recent gala, we shared an exciting announcement. We have forged a meaningful partnership with The Moline Foundation, and together, we are establishing an Endowment Fund for GiGi’s Playhouse Quad Cities. This initiative is designed to secure the future success and longevity of our Playhouse for generations to come. 

In a unanimous decision made by our dedicated Board, we pledged an initial contribution of $25,000 to kickstart the Endowment Fund. However, we received an incredible surprise from our partners at The Moline Foundation. They have graciously chosen to match our pledge at a 2:1 ratio, resulting in an additional contribution of $12,500. This generous gesture will allow us to launch our fund with an impressive starting amount of $37,500. 

This Endowment Fund represents a remarkable opportunity for our Playhouse to secure a legacy for the Quad City Playhouse and the families we serve. This fund will open doors to numerous avenues for us to expand, enhance, and ensure the enduring presence of our Playhouse in the years to come. Furthermore, it provides an avenue for those who wish to support the Quad City Playhouse as part of their long-term financial planning, with the added benefit of tax incentives for their contributions. 

We are brimming with excitement about this commitment to our future but we need your help. Will you use your end-of-year giving to help us fund the Endowment Fund?

Before I conclude, I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to every one of you for being part of our past, and hope that you’ll be part of our future too!


Chad Johnson,

GiGi’s Playhouse Quad Cities President

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