Next Stop = Graduate School

We’ve been lucky to have a great leader for our school-age programs this past year.

Sadly, she is moving on…

We asked Thi to share a little about her experience as a volunteer program leader here at GiGi’s. See below what she had to say below…

My name is Thi and I’ve been the program leader for the Playhouse Pals/Kids Club programs since September 2021 and a volunteer since March 2021. I started GiGi’s because I wanted more experienced interaction with children as I am pursuing a career in child life. The more I volunteered at GiGi’s, the more I wanted to be creative and build relationships with the children and their families.

This past year, we went to a pumpkin patch, decorated cookies, did science experiments, and much more. When planning the sessions, my goal was to try to make it as unique, memorable, and fun as possible. In addition, to follow the program guide and purposeful progressions provided by GiGi’s, I try to incorporate functional skills such as fine, gross, and social skills. For instance, when I was planning the science experiment session, I tried to keep in mind what could be fun and visually entertaining for children and their families.

That was when I thought of the walking water experiment. The walking water experiment demonstrated how capillary action works using the colors of the rainbow. The children were able to see how colors moved with just the transfer of water and paper towels. Many ooo’s and ahh’s that day!

Being the program leader for the Playhouse Pals/Kids Club, what I enjoyed most was seeing the children and families interact and smile while spending time with each other and helping with the activities during sessions. I loved building relationships with the children and getting to know them more as the session progressed. Prior to every session, I wondered who would show up and I got excited to see familiar faces, as well as meet new families and welcome them to the playhouse. As I move on to graduate school this fall, I will miss the children who made every session less nerve-racking to teach and more memorable every time!

We wish Thi the best as she moves on in her learning journey! Thank you Thi for all you have done over the past year! We appreciate you.

With that said, we are in need of a new program leader! If you’d like to learn more about becoming a leader for these programs or any programs here at the playhouse, please contact Ann or Pam at 309-762-7529.

Playhouse Pals & Kids Club 

Both of these programs support the development of social skills and language through peer-to-peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. They also support gross motor skills through active games, and fine motor, and self-help skills through meal/snack preparation and activities.

Combined these programs are recommended for ages 5-12 years.


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    Thank you Thi!

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