January 2021 Activities

Tutoring (Tutor & Student) Applications Open

Applications are currently being accepted for the spring  2021 session!

Applications close on January 5th. Apply TODAY!

The spring session begins on January 31, 2021, and is 15 weeks long.

Tutoring and speech like all programs at GiGi’s are FREE!

See additional information by clicking below.

Literacy Information & Application

Math Information & Application

Speech & Language Information & Application

Local Programs

GiGi’s is continuing to offer virtual programs locally and nationally as we work through a detailed plan for reopening in staggered stages nationwide. We’re following CDC guidelines and taking all precautions necessary to keep our friends and families safe. We encourage you to attend a program virtually!

Virtual LMNOP (Language, Music N’ Our Peeps (0-3 years)

Let’s sing and sign about winter and snow!

LMNOP is an interactive and engaging program designed to guide parents and young children through learning basic sign language and other forms of communication using music and language-based activities. We recommend this program for ages birth-3 years. This program is led by certified Music Therapist Ms. Misty with Quad City Music Therapy.

Click here to RSVP for Saturday, January 9th, from 9:30AM-10:30AM!

Virtual GiGiFIT Infant & Toddler 

Takes concepts of foundational movements, mobility activities, visual-vestibular activities, and reflex integration to the next level in a fast-paced, super fun, and socially interactive atmosphere for young children. Recommended for Walking to 4 Years Old

The goals of this program include:

  • Building Strength, Endurance, Joint Stability, Weight shift
  • Learning Sequencing, Motor Imitation, Gross Motor Milestone Achievement, Walking, Running, and Jumping
  • Practicing Balance, Coordination, Posture, Movement Control
  • Teaching Primitive Reflex Integration to improve fluidity and ease of movement
  • Combining movement learning with language learning
  • Making Movement FUN!!!

Registration is currently closed!

Click here to view it on our calendar!

Virtual Teen Tastic (13-17) & Fantastic Friends (18+)

Teen Tastic promotes friendship, social interactions, communication through a variety of social activities, outings, and games for teens. Participants in Teen Tastic gain confidence, leadership skills, and empowerment while working as part of a team or on individual projects and tasks.

Fantastic Friends program supports the development of social skills and language through peer to peer interaction in a casual fun setting. Adult participants participate in the planning of activities so that group activities are based on personal interests.

Programming will be on FRIDAY 1/8/21 and SUNDAY 1/24/21! (Yes, SUNDAY!)

Click here to RSVP for Teen Tastic on Friday, January 8th, from 6-8 PM.

Click here to RSVP for Fantastic Friends on Friday, January 8th, from 6-8 PM.

Click here to RSVP for Teen Tastic on SUNDAY, January 24th, from 3-5 PM.

Click here to RSVP for Fantastic Friends on SUNDAY, January 24th, from 3-5 PM.

One-on-One Programs

Amina Grace Speech and Language Therapy

Literacy and Math Tutoring

Spring tutoring and speech will last for 15 weeks, starting on January 31st, 2021, and ending the week of May 9th, 2021. (See more above!)

GiGi’s At Home

GiGi’s at Home offers live virtual programs and programs on demand with participants from around the world!

Yes, around the WORLD!

Click HERE to explore the site and view current program offerings.

GiGi’s at Home On Demand is our way of bringing 150+ purposeful programs to you at a time that is convenient for you. You will have access to program recordings, lesson plans, and activities to use when you are ready.

GiGi’s at Home Live is our way of bringing 28+ purposeful programs to you every week at a specific time. This allows you to interact with our volunteer program leaders and fellow participants engaging in purposeful activities designed for your loved one’s age group.

Holiday Hours

We will be closed on January 1st to celebrate the new year!

Click here to visit our calendar!

P.S. Did you see the recent blog about volunteering in 2021! We need YOU!

Click here to see a list of specific opportunities and volunteer trainings.

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