Personal Blog, star date 3.21

Personal Blog, star date 3.21

Ok, so only Star Trekkies will get that, but this is a personal BLOG.  As you all may know, while I have been the contracted Speech Pathologist here at GiGi’s for about 2 years this year was my first year of being fully on staff as the Program Coordinator and the staff SLP and it was also my first time truly celebrating World Down Syndrome Day.  I was lucky enough to be working here at GiGi’s for WDSD 2022.

We had a great weekend of events but the highlight for me was when my son, Noah, came to our open house as his mascot personality, Tailsdale. 

Tailsdale is a 6-foot orange fox who loves to make people smile.  Noah was happy to come and make the open-house special for some of our participants who got to hug, high-five, and take photos with him. This was the first time Noah had shared his mascot with the public and I was proud for it to be GiGis.

Mom pride as a #bestofall.

Submitted by, Ann Cobb Program Coordinator and Speech Pathologist

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