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If you live here in the QC area, you know that last week was the John Deere Classic at the TPC Deere Run golf course. What you may not know is that we host a concession stand there all week as a fundraiser. This week-long event takes a lot of coordination and volunteers. With two shifts of 4-7 workers each day that means a lot of volunteers and volunteer hours. We are lucky to have great volunteers and community support to help make this happen. We would be amiss if we didn’t mention and thank Blackhawk Bank & Trust specifically. They graciously allowed their staff to volunteer throughout the week to help ensure that each shift was fully covered. There were bank employees there every day working right alongside of GiGi’s staff, families, board members and other volunteers. We could never have done it without them.  We raised over $1500 in tips throughout the week and will also receive a check for 10% of the sales from the week. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that helped and/or stopped by the stand to purchase food, give a tip or your verbal support. The Quad Cities is a great place to be and we can’t thank the community enough for all the support they provide.

Thank you for being part of #generationG. Accepting. Generous. Kind.

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