5 + 2 = Awesome

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the 5 part series from our recent gala!

We’re here to add 2 more to round out the series with clips of our GiGi’s participants that performed that night. The evening really is for them after all.

Our summer music/drummer series finished up the week before the gala and we asked them to do a short performance for us and they were happy to do so!

We did not get a video of them on stage at the gala but here’s a video of the program in action at the Playhouse.





Last but certainly not least. our friend Kate took the stage to finish us off for the night with the reminder of why we were there….to support the voices of all individuals with Down syndrome.

Kate sang a beautiful song titled “I have a Voice” that was originally written for a Broadway play and is about bullying.

Kate dug deep to bypass her nerves and amazed the audience with her stunning voice that we know and love. You can enjoy a prerecorded version of her performance that night located here.





5 speakers +2 performances = an awesome night!

Thank you to all that attended! We can’t wait to see you again next year.

Save the date for 10/22/22!


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