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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix-Where Friendship Flourishes

As a Tribute to Friendship and National Friendship Day, Marlene Schatzman submitted the following:   “Recently it was National Friendship day…our whole lives we are always told how friends are so important. Friends in our lives come and go, we all accept this. Now as a “special needs” parent we see it is hard for…

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“Runs for Ted”- A GiGi’s Playhouse Family Cross-Country Journey

“Runs for Ted”    The Kimble Family embarked on a summer’s baseball journey and is  traveling across the country visiting 30 baseball parks to support GiGi’s Playhouse and share the Generation G message; Be Kind, Be Accepting, and Be Generous.  Thank you, Laura Kimble for sharing your story!  Your GiGi’s Family in Phoenix/Scottsdale miss you and wish you a…

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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale – “Forever Inspiration”

“FOREVER INSPIRATION”     We can all remember someone that inspired us in the past to reach higher. That someone helped develop our desire to be a little bit better student, or athlete, or helped us through our first job. Maybe we were even inspired to make better decisions as parents. If we are lucky…

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A Visit to GiGi’s Playhouse/Phoenix/Scottsdale – By Gary Truax

Friends of GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale: Imagine someone giving up watching his beloved football team play on Sundays and instead spends his time visiting various local non profit organizations as a way to support the organization by sharing information about the charity via his blog.  Gary Truax does just that!  We had the pleasure of meeting…

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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale-Down syndrome-Awareness vs. Acceptance

All during the month of October time is devoted to promoting Acceptance. The following post was shared by GiGi’s Playhouse Inc. and captures the difference between Down Syndrome Awareness and Down Syndrome Acceptance. What’s the difference between Awareness and Acceptance? Awareness is to know that you have a classmate with a disability Acceptance is inviting…

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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale-Down syndrome-“Myths and Truths”

From GiGi’s Inc. Resource Center, the following information is worth repeating every so often.  There are many “Myths and Truths” associated with Down syndrome. Myth: Down syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. Truth: Down syndrome is the most commonly occurring genetic condition. One in every 733 live births is a child with Down syndrome, representing…

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