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“When the seat next to you becomes empty”

The following was submitted by Marlene, one of our GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Moms.  Thank you so much for sharing this, Marlene. “When the seat next to you suddenly becomes empty…….” “We never really think about how hard it could be when your best friend, the person you share everything with, suddenly becomes sick.  For typical…

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This is Ryder – A Mom “Doing her Best”

Ryder’s Mom, Andrea, wrote the following.  She is “giving a voice” and a perspective for many Moms and their children.  Thank you for sharing this Andrea and for giving your “Best of All” for Ryder!     “This is Ryder. He’s 3 and a half. I know he’s small and you would never know. Which…

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The “Gift” of Friendship-GiGi’s Playhouse

The “Gift of Friendship” that GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix offers is valued by our GiGi’s Families.  This blog was submitted by Marlene Schatzman, one of our GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Moms who expresses what GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix means to her Family.     “As I sat at my computer drinking a cup of coffee, surfing the web,…

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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix is GRATEFUL-Happy Thanksgiving

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix is GRATEFUL. On this Thanksgiving Day, let us take a moment to express our gratefulness to all our Donors, Volunteers, GiGi’s Families, GiGi’s Friends, GiGi’s Staff and the Community in the Greater Phoenix Area who continue to support GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix and the Career Development Center. This past year continued to bless…

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“What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful” – A GiGi’s Family International Journey of Acceptance

  In recognition of Down Syndrome Acceptance Month, we are sharing one of our GiGi’s Families International Journey of adoption to bring McKenzie home from the Ukraine to the United States.  This is an incredible testimonial of Generation G; acceptance, kindness, and generosity. “What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful” “As a family, we have…

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“A Volunteer’s Journey”-GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale is so grateful for the exceptional volunteers who have found their way to the Playhouse and the Career Development Center.  Thank you to Christel Baker for submitting her story. ” I am a wife and mother of four wonderful kids. They range in age from fifteen to twenty-five.  My twenty-year-old son is a…

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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix-Where Friendship Flourishes

As a Tribute to Friendship and National Friendship Day, Marlene Schatzman submitted the following:   “Recently it was National Friendship day…our whole lives we are always told how friends are so important. Friends in our lives come and go, we all accept this. Now as a “special needs” parent we see it is hard for…

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