Tutoring – A Volunteer’s Perspective

This summer I had the opportunity to tutor a 7-year-old named Miles in literacy. I really enjoyed doing this and I think that the experience was definitely something I would do again. It was a little tricky getting Miles to focus on what we were supposed to do, but after trying different ways to get him focused, I really enjoyed working with him. One of the most effective ways we got him to focus was by adding a ball to whatever activity we were doing. For example, when we practiced identifying the names and the sounds of a letter we passed the back and forth (not throwing or it would be too distracting). By the end of the summer, he was able to identify 18 letters and their sounds! We also practiced sitting and listening to a story and staying in the tutoring room. Miles is a fun kid, and really loves his mom, so much so that he always wanted to show her what he was doing. I think he was looking for some cheering each time 😉

-Kristin W

Kristin had never worked with people with disabilities before and was a little hesitant to say yes to tutoring. Miles definitely struggled to stay focused and energized about learning to read. He was able to increase his focus throughout the session by finishing some work then getting a break, then working again and getting another break, and so on. Kristin also played learning games like “popcorn” with him. In this game, they each picked a piece of popcorn, that had a letter written on it, and he said the letter. Kristin would put the letter into one of two piles, ones that he got right away and those that he could try again after they picked all the pieces out of the box. This was a repetitive game that supported this energy and learning levels. Link to $5 Popcorn game: https://a.co/d/0whmPJj

Kristin was also an intern this summer that helped to secure items for our upcoming Brew HaHa. She was able to go online to request donations from new and beloved donors and businesses to help us get a jump start on our fundraiser. She assisted with Brew HaHa development as well as get Brain Break Cards ready for those that attend our Educator Symposium on Sept. 9th. And help get GiGiFIT journals printed and bound for the next session!

Support GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee this fall by becoming a tutor or an intern. You can really impact the life of someone and gain a new perspective. https://gigisplayhouse.org/milwaukee/volunteer/

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