Dash Team Highlight: Jammin’ with Jake

Who inspired this team and what makes them EXTRA awesome? Everyone who has met Jake knows that he is the Dude in our family. He has reminded us that individuals with Down syndrome are more alike than different and he is happy to show you how.

What is your favorite part of attending programs and events at GiGi’s Milwaukee? GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee has been a fabulous resource for Jake and the family. Jake enjoys the Amina Grace Speech program with Marquette, TeenTastic, GiGiFIT and GiGi’s goes to Rainbow Day Camp. These programs have introduced Jake to great friends and helped him build confidence in his abilities.

What does acceptance mean to you and how do you want to encourage our community (and the world) to be more accepting? Acceptance means meeting people where they are and finding value in the things they can do rather than what they can’t do. Spreading generosity, kindness, and acceptance is something everyone can appreciate and should be available to all.

What Programs does your champion enjoy at GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee? Jake enjoys time with his peers the most, I enjoy programs that help him find his voice and expand his skills.

Tell us about what you would like to see at GiGi’s or have GiGi’s offer as a support to the community. I would love to see more inclusion of typical peers and continue to spread the message that all are welcome at GiGi’s.

Join Jake and his friends at the Dash for Down Syndrome on May 5th at Lake Park – Sign up today!

Jake’s Team link – https://support.gigisplayhouse.org/gigifit-acceptance-challenge-2024/team/jammin-with-jake

Fundraising goal = $2,121

Want to submit a story for your Dash for Down Syndrome Team Highlight? Do so here and tell us more about your team through this form: https://forms.office.com/r/UfST7t3XwF and then send us some pictures so that we can highlight your loved one!

T-shirt deadline April 14 (midnight)
Online registration closes May 2 (midnight)
General Event Details – Registration – Sponsorships – https://bit.ly/DashforDS
Volunteer for the event here: https://bit.ly/VolunteerDashforDS

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