Spreading the word on world down syndrome day!

1. Showing videos that demonstrate that people with Down syndrome are “More Alike Than Different”. Such as #11 on this webpage: https://www.babble.com/babble-voices/world-down-syndrome-day-21-ways-to-celebrate/  scroll to #11.

2. Sharing 21 facts about Down syndrome 

3. Read an age-appropriate book about Down syndrome in the classroom, ask kids to share experiences they might have with friend/relative/neighbor with Down syndrome.

4. Ask a young adult with Down syndrome to come and speak about their life and accomplishments thus far.

5. Have a dance break – dance for 3 minutes and 21 seconds, videotape and share on social media. 

6. Art projects that feature the colors blue and yellow, the official colors of Down syndrome.

7. At the end of the week, take the “Generation G” pledge. This is a pledge created by GiGi’s Playhouse that asks people to promise to be more accepting, generous and kind every day.  A fun visual for the pledge is the students draw a heart on their hand with a “G” in it.

Please share your photos/videos with us: milwaukee@gigisplayhouse.org

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