GiGi’s Goes to Rainbow Day Camp, 2023

The first week of August, 2023 we took 10 participants of GiGi’s Playhouse to Rainbow Day Camp as a guest of the Jewish Community Center (JCC). Our participants spanned the ages of 10-18 and all have Down syndrome. Due to the supports put in place by our volunteers and prior camp coordination, our campers blended into the “typical” day camp experience that all attendees experience. Half of our campers and volunteers started their day by riding the bus from GiGi’s north to the Graton Park and Ride where another camp group joined us before making it to their destination 45 minutes north in Fredonia. Here the other half of our group met us and the day began after a quick check-in and review of the day.

GiGi’s Rainbow Day Camp 2023 included a variety of daily activities. From an intense obstacle course to a relaxing art workshop (with daily swimming!), the opportunities provided by JCC were a blast for both campers and volunteers!

Each day, campers got to experience the fun that comes with participating in both small and large group games with other campers. Fortunately, this year we had enough volunteers, and the campers got to show their independence for a portion of camp time by choosing the activities they most wanted to try along with their volunteer buddies! We had friends play basketball, field hockey, archery, do art activities, play soccer, explore the playground, enjoy swing alley, and more!

My favorite memories were made during lunch. With everyone together, the conversation was always positive and enjoyable, while we’d listen to some of our favorite Disney music (singing along of course!).

Personally, I am already excited for Rainbow Day Camp next year. I hope all of our campers and volunteers feel the same way. I hope to see both new and old faces this coming year!


Jordan/Mr. P, lead GiGi’s representative and volunteer at camp

Check out our photos from this year (and volunteers can add their own) – GiGi’s Goes to Rainbow Camp 2023

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Volunteers are always needed for Camp and for other programs and events at GiGi’s!

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