Program Highlight: Leaps and Bounds

Leaps & Bounds gets a makeover! 
(ages 2-7)

This great program is getting an update thanks to the students and professors at Carroll University! Each week participants, their families and students from the following departments: Art Therapy, Music Therapy, OT, PT, and Nursing will enjoy a lot of hands-on learning and have fun together! Leaps and Bounds includes songs, stories, physical movement, sensory integration, and fine motor activities each week. This program should not be missed!

Session dates: 
September 13-October 18 (6 weeks)
Mondays, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
​​​​​​​RSVP HERE
Please sign up for the session to best help this large team plan, even if you might miss some of the dates signing up by the first day would be greatly appreciated!

Carroll University, 2140 Davidson Rd, Waukesha, WI 53186.

Over the summer, Marquette University students lead this program at the Playhouse. It was so exciting to see our participants grow their skills all summer long. The Marquette students were able to gain valuable skills in planning activities and lessons for our population and build relationships with so many fun kids!

This was in an email we received after the end of the summer program. I just wanted “to reiterate how grateful I am for your hospitality this summer. GiGi’s is such an amazing organization and I enjoyed getting to know you, the GiGi’s staff, and the GiGi’s families. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It was such a wonderful learning experience for the Marquette OTD students. Again, thank you so much!” -Maggie, on-site OT program supervisor

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