Program Highlight: Leaps and Bounds

Emma initiates reading without adult prompting

“The opportunities that Leaps and Bounds provided Emma has helped set her up to be a successful student in school.  It’s taught her that you need to listen to what your teacher says, engage in the activity and most importantly, it’s given her the confidence to move forward and try new things.

She’s grown in ways that I could never imagine, developing skills and forming friendships that’ll last forever.  That’s not only what Leaps and Bounds did, that’s what GiGi’s Playhouse did.  They created a structured program with a fun environment that allows Emma to learn without restrictions.”

  • Melissa is mom to Emma. These observations are taken directly from Melissa, about her experiences in having Emma participate in this program.
“I do it” says Emma often, she is able to do it all!

Leaps & Bounds is a play-based program for children that focuses on success in preschool and kindergarten. Students will participate in fun and engaging activities that provide opportunities for following routines, small group participation, movement, and interaction with their environment. Family members are key participants in this program and will encourage their child to reach his or her Best of All throughout each session.  Recommended for ages 3-5 year olds.

In Milwaukee, Leaps & Bounds is offered through collaborations with Carroll University, Marquette University, and local licensed therapists. Siblings are welcome for this early learner program.

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