Participant Best of All: Baz – How his focus grew this summer.

Leaps and Bounds, I know here we go again, but wait it’s another kid doing great things, showing his Best of All…Seriously, this program has it all for our young learners! There is music for sing-a-longs with sign language to grow our communication skills, obstacle courses of all kinds to get the wiggles out in some gross motor movement, then some art projects to enhance fine motor development. And you know what? Baz rocked this weekly session put on by Marquette University students from the Occupational Therapy Department! These 12 students under the supervision of their professor earned credit toward their licensing and gained hugs each and every week! But let’s get back to Baz… he’s a 3-year-old that is on the move. Over the summer we saw him gain confidence and communication, increase his ability to sit and attend in a group circle and follow directions from various adults (not just his mom). This spring Baz, his mom, and his little brother would come in to play and often Baz struggled to share or convey his thoughts which often resulted in hitting. Over the summer he started to use more words and motions to share his thoughts which greatly decreased his undesired behaviors. Both siblings had a blast and mom got a little break as the volunteers led the activities.

Did you notice that GiGi’s not only supports people with Down syndrome, but also their siblings, their parents, the community, university students, and beyond? Just think of all the stories that were told to others over the summer. This is why GiGi’s exists, to spread love, awareness, and acceptance, and to help change the way the world views Down syndrome.

Interested in getting your students involved at GiGi’s? We’d love to collaborate on a program that supports both your university/college licensing or education program and GiGi’s families! Connect with us at

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Baz in June 2021 with a ball.

Baz focusing on putting the pegs in, July 2023.

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