Program Highlight – Our Virtual Book Club is Rocking the Internet!

Book Club takes our literacy program as well as our teens and adults to the next level. They work on comprehension, visualization, vocabulary, character development, sequencing and so much more!

Book Club online is going fantastically. Everyone has been so engaged, participating, and responding to questions. Every single participant is demonstrating their Best of All, we are so impressed. Ms. Diane, our lead volunteer and tutor, does such an amazing job guiding the participants, and Mikayla, an assistant volunteer in this program as well as a tutor and program leader herself, did a great job as a co-host. Diane was so happy, she was beaming with pride and said that “even though it was virtual, that this was the best Book Club group yet.” We can’t wait to see what they read next!

Did you know that this quarter we have had 172 new participants with DS attend a program for the first time? We have an amazing amount of resources available for our families and participants!  If you haven’t taken the time to check out our online programs PLEASE head over to !

GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee in-person and virtual programs can be found here:

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