GiGi’s Playhouse National Leadership Conference

Earlier this month our Milwaukee team attended the Annual GiGi’s Playhouse National Leadership Conference, and we are motivated, excited, and equipped to CELEBRATE in 2023!! Get ready, Milwaukee!! Board member Erin Anderson was invited to present at the conference on successful grant writing and shared some of the successes that we have been so thankful to receive. Operations Director, Sara Van Deurzen received the Generation G award noting her commitment to be better every day, to be Accepting, to be Generous, and to be Kind. Program and Volunteer Coordinator Lauren Clausing attended the first day of the conference with 60+ other new staff members from across the network. In addition, the network leaders have developed the Standards of Execution which guide Playhouses to be their best. Our Milwaukee Playhouse earned 3 Strong recognitions (second highest rank) and 3 Center of Excellence recognitions (the highest ranking)! WOW! We are so proud of all our hard work and LOVE supporting our community by having a location where everyone can gather to support people with Down syndrome and other disabilities!

We joined a network of 56+ Playhouses (start-ups, too!) to spend four days learning, growing, and empowering each other to be and give our #BestofAll! There are powerful leaders across the network breaking down barriers! Since last year we have teamed up with GiGi’s Playhouse Wausau and GiGi’s Playhouse Madison as we work to spread our mission across Wisconsin! We are thankful for an incredible Milwaukee team of volunteers, families, and community members who help make our Playhouse not just a home away from home full of purpose, love, celebration, and value, but also help us spread awareness and build acceptance in our fantastic community!

We truly are #strongertogether!

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