it’s spring… i think!?

milwaukeeans. one day it’s 70 degrees and the next there’s a frost advisory. and while we’ve heard all the weather cliches and complaints there is to hear, we live here and it happens every year. this may sorta be how some parents of children with Ds feel. while we know the potential for delays, certain behaviors, physical characteristics, and challenges we may face, we still can live in the moment and enjoy the sunshine. and while the next day may bring unexpected changes, we accept them and learn different ways to embrace them and adjust our plans, expectations and goals. finding the sunshine in each day may not be easy to do, but there’s always a rainbow after a storm. it’s up to YOU to look for the rainbow as it isn’t always easy to find.

parents of children/adult children with Ds; dance in the rain, cry in the rain and just let it rain. we need the rain. tomorrow will be a new day and we will be reminded of the sunshine that lives within the spirits of our children!


rainbow image

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