sept 9.2015 introductions!

First, I must apologize for the time between our initial post and this one. I pinky swear, that will never happen again. And if it does, I will punish myself with a “no ice cream for a week” time out. Fair? Fair.

After our initial post, a professional blogger reached out to me and suggested a few tips on blogging. Thanks blogging expert, I will indeed follow those tips and thanks for the encouragement. The first tip the blogging expert noted was “introduce yourself so the audience knows a little about you.” I’m not a blogging expert, but I will promise to write what I see, feel, hear and smell (ew?!) at the Playhouse and in life as a Mama with a kiddo with Down syndrome. I will keep it real because ain’t nobody got time for fakers. I’ll throw in a few pics for your viewing pleasure and wrangle in some guest bloggers along the way so you don’t get bored with me.

Soooo, here’s goes. I’m Momsy. In my mid 30’s, I gave birth to a beautiful and very much anticipated baby boy who also happened to surprise us with his extra 21st chromosome. We will call him Downsy. He was my third pregnancy and my second born child. My first born son, who we will call Upsy, is a neuro-typical boy in his sixth year of life. I’m married to Dadsy, who just told me these screen-names were lame.Yes, he’s very supportive, but I digress. As a human being, I have many layers that I’ve come to embrace and some that I’m still working on. One important layer is what I call “my working-mom-layer.” I know, I’m real original and utterly creative, please contain yourself. I’ve been blessed with a meaningful part-time career as a psychotherapist working with families created through adoption. My other part-time gig is being the Site Director at GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee. You obviously know enough about GiGis if you’re reading this blog, but if you don’t, I’m happy to share the amazing space that I occupy here at GiGi’s throughout this blog. The goodness that I witness on a daily basis is unreal. Seriously. You’ll see, mark my word.

I plan on blogging at least once a week on events, programs, needs, fundraisers, happenings and all the goodness that happens here at GiGi’s. I also plan on sharing excerpts of my family life because a) that blogging expert dude told me to, b) even though my life is sometimes crazy, i love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything and c) i am real, you are real and if you’re here, we probably have some things in common. Who doesn’t love reading about others that may be like us? Feel free to post in the comments if you have any questions about GiGi’s or things you would like covered in this blog.

Until next time… Momsy signing off.

P.S. I do not have a degree in English or (nor?) in Composition. Please accept this disclaimer for the eternity of this blog to excuse all typos, misspellings, grammatical stuff, run-ons, incorrect usage of the comma or the semi colon, quotes or anything else you picky grammar police are on the prowl for. Accept me for my intent. Love me for my words.Skalnik family selfies

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