Sara was presented with the Generation G Award!

The Generation G Award is given to an individual or Playhouse who leverages Generation G to change the way the world views Down syndrome!

Congrats Sara!!!

These people are generous with their time and their heart and most importantly they are givers and achievers! The #GenerationG community will stand up for others and sees the potential and achievement in others! Our Operations Director, Sara Van Deurzen, finds a way to get better and do better every day. She is a part of a team that has solid leaders at the helm both on the board and in the Playhouse who are dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas. This year, the Milwaukee Playhouse enhanced the facility with new rooms, and our monthly program hours are nearly 42% greater than they were pre-pandemic! Meanwhile, our volunteers are also dedicating twice as many hours per month! On top of that, Sara graciously provides consistent and growth-focused guidance to other Playhouses through the National Educational Excellence Committee. Putting in the hard work and always striving to give her Best of All, one of this year’s Generation G winners is our very own Sara Van Deurzen!

Generation G Award:

The Generation G Award is given to an individual, group of individuals or a Playhouse that leverages Generation G to change the way the world views Down syndrome. This year’s winners are a team of people who have been committed to not only supporting at the local level but at the national level too. Since 2020, they have been meeting each week to leverage their learnings and create, pilot, and offer feedback on materials and resources for all of us to provide the Best of All moments at each location! A few examples of their hard work include the online Literacy Resource Library, New Parent Resources within the My GiGi’s site, and they consistently support and present during the GiGi’s Educator Symposium. This year’s GenerationG Award goes to … the GiGi’s Educational Excellence Committee – Cindy Marie Judy, Kathleen Tynes, Pam Garrett, Tracy Smith, Kristin Nelson, and Sara Van Duerzen, with co-chairs Shari Andress and Daniell Bargstadt!

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