Our Team Bios


Susan Baker, Board Member  

Susan’s journey with Down Syndrome started almost 15 years ago with the birth of her son, Devon.  She never knew how much of her life would be enriched by Devon and how blessed she was.  Besides Devon, Susan and her husband James have a total of 6 children ranging in age from 27 to 14 1/2 years old.  On Valentine's Day 2018, they welcomed their first grandchild to their family and what a Diva she is!  Devon loves being an uncle; in July 2023 he will have a total of 6 nieces and nephews (3 boys and 3 girls). Susan worked various jobs until she decided she needed and wanted more so she went back to school with one little one and one on the way and earned her associates degree in accounting.  After the birth of her daughter, Susan started working for Lancaster General Hospital in their fiscal department and 25 years later she is still there.  She enjoys her job and the people she works with. One day, Susan plans on continuing the college career she started and earn her degree in child psychology. She enjoys volunteering at Bright Side Baptist Church where she works with the youth; for almost 18 years she ran the church's nursery as well.  She enjoys their annual missions trips where she teaches the kids about hard work and giving back to others.  It is an experience she feels everyone should partake in.


Christine Hewitt, Site Coordinator

Christine had the original idea to start a GiGi’s here in Lancaster and was the start up team lead for GiGi’s Playhouse since the beginning. She served on the board, the fundraising and events lead, and Fantastic Friends program lead. She is now the site coordinator of GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster and loves it! She has worked in a variety of positions with children, teenagers, and adults with special needs. She has a 5 year old niece with Down syndrome. They enjoy watching the Little Mermaid together. Christine is excited for her role as Site Coordinator and excited to help run and grow the Playhouse!


Alisha Fitzwater, Programs Coordinator and Board Member

Alisha was part of the start up committee for GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster and has been the programs coordinator since opening the Playhouse 3 years ago. She leads programming for participants of all ages. She also is a 1:1 tutor for the literacy and math tutoring programs. When she is not volunteering for the Playhouse, she is a special education teacher in the IU 13’s early intervention preschool program for children with autism and other developmental delays. She enjoys participating in programming at the Playhouse with her niece, Isabella. Alisha enjoys welcoming new families into the Playhouse and seeing each of the programs in action.


Todd Taylor, President

Todd’s focus has been to live his life with “PURPOSE” and to assist the GiGi’s board with contract negotiations and oversee the Playhouse build out and startup of facility. He loves connecting with people and appreciates a professional approach and hard work while having fun with the children of the Playhouse.

Todd’s problem solving and people skills helped him become a top account manager for a major corporation for the past 35 years, developing and performing all the necessary functions to ensure annual profitability and achieve established goals.

Todd and his wife, Toni, live in Mechanicsburg, Pa. They have 4 children and 2 beautiful grandchildren. Their daughter, Olivia, and son-in-law, Jeremy’s decision to adopt Dexter was an amazing gift neither saw coming. We both felt something change, but what we didn’t realize is that we would be the ones to change, in a good way! We’ve watched Dexter grow, see him react and dance to music without using words, using only expression and his emotions. We witness amazing unconditional love, meeting all adversity he faces with warm hugs and without reservation. He is extremely strong willed, and has taught us patience, to slow down, and take one day at a time. “Life is a gift, not to be taken for granted.” We are blessed, God is good, and Dexter is a true gift to our family.


Katy Charles, Board Member

Katy and her family live in Lancaster County and have been a part of the GiGi’s community since 2020. Her daughter Lily was born with Down syndrome in January of 2020, the same week that GiGi’s Lancaster opened! She learned about GiGi’s when Lily was about 8 months old and they have been regularly participating in programs ever since. Katy has over 15 years of experience working in behavioral health and education. She enjoys representing GiGi's at community events and networking with other organizations that can help advance the mission of GiGi's Playhouse.


Kevin Hewitt, Vice President

Kevin has been a part of GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster from the beginning and is now serving on the board leading the Facility committee and the Vision 2023 team. Kevin and his wife Donna have lived in Lancaster County for 22 years. They are blessed to have two children and two beautiful granddaughters, Emma, and Isabella. 8-year-old Bella has Down syndrome. She loves participating in the purposeful programs at GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster. Kevin worked as Director of Engineering Operations for a global telecommunications and entertainment company until he retired in 2017. Currently he and his wife Donna own a small business in Northern Lancaster County.


Kelly Rogers, Treasurer

Kelly is CPA by trade and works as a Director of Investment Accounting for a multinational real estate company. She is also a mom of two boys and lives in the Hershey area. Her oldest son, Parker, surprised everyone when he was diagnosed with Down syndrome a week after he was born. Kelly and her husband discovered GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster when they moved to the area when Parker was a baby and immediately felt welcomed into the community. She is passionate about ensuring there will be a Playhouse in Lancaster for years to come, so that many other families can receive the same warm welcome and continue receiving programming for their children.


Scott McNelis, Board Member /Director of Development

Scott is an accomplished and forward-thinking finance leader with expertise in the areas of New Product Innovation and Portfolio Management. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to driving growth while balancing complexity and profitability. He has been very successful in navigating challenging projects and collaborating with others to deliver business goals.

Scott’s nephew, Gavin, has Down syndrome, Gavin is now an amazing teenager that plays ice hockey, swims competitively on an international level and enjoys computers. As a family, we have been very involved in helping with Special Olympics for several years. Scott’s daughters, Kiernan and Brynne, have also been volunteering at GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster since the pandemic and are so grateful to be part of such an inspiring organization . In 2023, Scott volunteered to create and lead the Development Team at GiGi’s and is so excited about the progress the team has made to support GiGi’s Believe in Our Build campaign. More recently, Scott has been named to the Board and is looking forward to supporting GiGi’s growth.