Each year, GiGi’s Playhouse grants esteemed awards and certificates that recognize achievements within the network of Playhouses across North America. Below are the proud achievements from this Playhouse location:

2023: Standards of Execution Champion
This award is given to Playhouse locations that achieve Strong of Center of Excellence on at least 5 SOEs.

2023: Community Impact Champion
This award is given to a Playhouse that has demonstrated outstanding IMPACT to their Local Community in such a way that truly sets them apart.
2021: National Volunteer of the Year:  Alisha Fitzwater

Standards of Execution Certificates


The Standards of Execution (SOE’s) define a descriptive list of standards for each of the 8 core functions of the GiGi’s business.  Each Playhouse has an opportunity to achieve along a continuum of growth.

8 SOE Circle 2023

2023 Certificates

Strong: Programs, Marketing, Operations & Facility, Family & Community Connections, Volunteer Management & HR, Development & Fundraising

2022 Certificates

Strong: Programs, Operations & Facility

Local Awards


2023 #GenerationG Award: LCBC
“Generation G Award”

The Generation G Award goes to an individual or an organization who goes above and beyond, embracing acceptance, generosity and kindness. This year’s Generation G award is being presented to an organization whose acceptance, generosity, and kindness has been impacting GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster over the past 3 years. Individual volunteers and life groups of volunteers from this organization have shown up to volunteer at numerous GiGi’s events, always willing to jump in to help or do whatever it takes to show kindness to families or help an event run smoothly. More recently, this organization chose GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster as one of their Be Rich partners, sending consistent volunteers to every program in the months of November and December 2022. Entire families and life groups showed up at the Playhouse to volunteer. They were quick to show acceptance to our participants, joining them to work out, climb the rock wall, participate in themed activities, hold babies, and even dress up as Santa and the Grinch. This month, this organization also showed up at GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster and surprised us with a very generous check as a donation towards our new building, the largest amount we have ever been given from one organization! Thank you LCBC!


 2023 Lancaster Volunteer of the Year Award: Maggie Alboum
The Volunteer of the Year Award goes to an individual who goes above and beyond, dedicating their time and talents to the participants and overall operations of the Playhouse. This year’s 2023 Volunteer of the Year for GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster goes to a person who is well loved at the Playhouse. She always goes above and beyond. She volunteers for numerous programs, arriving early to help set up, and giving it her all when she is interacting with participants. She has formed strong relationships particularly with our adult participants. They ask for her by name when she is not there. They share how much they love her and how she is amazing. This person is naturally creative and is always looking for interesting new things to teach our participants how to do. She is always talking about GiGi’s even when she’s not there. She continually seeks out connections in the community, looking for donations or opportunities for our adult participants to get involved. She found GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster after loving the show Born this Way and googling something similar in the area. She found us and she has found a second home. We are so proud and excited to give this year’s Volunteer of the Year award to Maggie Alboum! Thank you Maggie!