Vision Nights for Believe In Our Build

In the heart of the bustling community of Lancaster, PA, an organization has been steadily evolving over the past three years. Driven by a shared vision and a determination to make a meaningful impact in the Down syndrome community, GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster was derived. With each passing day, the demands and aspirations of our members have grown, pushing the boundaries of what the current space could contain.  

In response, GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster embarked on an inspiring journey of transformation, marked by three remarkable Vision Nights and a promising pursuit of a new home. From the Vision 2023 plan, a Believe in Our Build capital campaign emerged, enabling our organization raise funds to better serve the ever-growing needs of our participants and their families with purposeful programming.  

The purpose of this project is to raise funds necessary to move to a new expanded Playhouse that will be three times the size of our current Playhouse. The new Playhouse will have 3 tutor rooms, a GiGFIT gym, a dedicated GiGi’s Kitchen facility and many other needed spaces. GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster is also excited to expand its program offerings by launching programming in the new space, such as Leaps and Bounds, GiGi’s Kitchen, and the Family Speaker series. These programs will continue to serve our youngest and oldest participants to develop a variety of skills, including nutrition education, kitchen safety, movement, interaction, and networking.  

As the Playhouse continues to grow over the next three to five years, we are excited to offer more programming, resources and opportunities for our participants and their families. The Vision Nights serve as guiding stars, illuminating the path towards a brighter future. As we step into this new chapter, we are so thankful for all of the support that we’ve received from our participants, families, volunteers, sponsors and community at large. We already have some spaces sponsored. We have additional sponsorship, room-naming opportunities, and an Amazon wishlist that can be referenced to help fill our Playhouse with necessary furnishings and materials. We are giving tours of the new building. We will also have some upcoming prep nights to paint, build furniture, and further prepare the new space, with plans to celebrate a Re-opening on January 11, 2024, our four year anniversary!  

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