Volunteer Spotlight: Peg


Our volunteers at GiGi’s Playhouse are one-in-a-million, like Peg! Without her help, and the help of all of our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to provide our community with such amazing programs and events. Peg is a familiar face around the Playhouse, as she jumps in and volunteers at each and every program, in person and virtually through GiGi’s at Home, whenever she has the chance. She is always willing to assist with anything, takes initiative, and goes above and beyond!  

When Peg found out about GiGi’s Playhouse coming to Lancaster, she was so excited and knew she wanted to be involved. “Children, young adults and adults, who have special needs, have always been a big part of my life and my career.” Peg has worked around individuals with special needs for a long time and loves to help. “I was a special education teacher for IU13 for 31 years. I’m also a volunteer with Special Olympics, a member of The Arc of Lancaster & Lebanon counties and involved with the special needs group at my church.” 

  GiGi’s Playhouse is not just a space where Peg volunteers, she genuinely loves being involved. “It makes me happy every time I am there to spend time with the babies, toddlers, children and young adults that GiGis provides services to. I see the progress and the growth that is being made there. I see the families connecting and supporting each other.” Being part of the Playhouse has given Peg the opportunity to connect with so many of our wonderful families and kids, and other volunteers! She loves that she can work with “other dedicated and positive volunteers who care so deeply about the babies, toddlers, children, and young adults.” 

Peg has put many hours and so much commitment into making GiGi’s Playhouse a place for families to have fun and grow, and she continues to look forward to helping. “I’m looking forward to volunteering at other new programs that will come to GiGis in the future.” As we continue to develop new programs and host events in the near future, we are excited to see our GiGi’s community grow. “I encourage all families to take advantage of all of these services at GiGis. There is so much positive support here for you and your baby, toddler, child or young adult, who has Down syndrome. They will meet new friends and continue to make progress.” 

We are so thankful to Peg and all the hours she puts in each month to volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster. If you’re looking to make a difference, sign up to be a volunteer today! www.gigisplayhouse.org/lancaster/volunteer 

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  1. Todd on July 7, 2021 at 6:42 am

    Love Peg! Thank you for your unconditional love and support of our children, families and Playhouse.

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