Participant Spotlight: Kaitlyn

Our participants at GiGi’s Playhouse come from all over the county to enjoy the atmosphere and programs that we have to offer. During recent times of quarantine, our Playhouse has made some adjustments to ensure that safety and health is a priority. Many of our participants, including Kaitlyn, have participated in GiGi’s At Home virtually from her home and GiGi’s programming outside, instead of being inside like before.


During Fantastic Friends, offered virtually through GiGi’s At Home, Kaitlyn was able to connect to the program using her smartphone. Being able to participate online, despite the pandemic, has been a great way to keep everyone involved. Kaitlyn was able to engage socially with other participants and volunteers, often playing games or even doing cooking activities together. Kaitlyn was able to participate outside for GiGiFIT, our fitness program for adults. GiGiFIT helps Kaitlyn to stay healthy! “I love doing GiGiFIT. I have the shirt and it helps me to be a better person.” She explains that the volunteers play an important role in the programs. “They are like a family to me.” Kaitlyn enjoys being part of the Playhouse and one day hopes to be an instructor for GiGiFIT.


In her free time, Kaitlyn enjoys making bracelets, coloring, and word searches. She also plays soccer, tennis, goes horseback riding, and does bowling. Kaitlyn doesn’t have too much free time though. She also works at Giant, participates in the Special Olympics, and Camp PALS.

Kaitlyn would like to let everyone know that if you’re thinking about GiGi’s Playhouse, “Don’t be shy, just come and join us.”


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