When you have a baby, especially your first baby, you really need access to good information. Learning to feed your baby, obsessing over how many dirty diapers a day there are, figuring out which cry means what… we all go through it, and when we need help we have our moms, friends, books, the Internet, and a myriad of other resources. But the one thing we come fully equipped with is expectation. We know what babies look like. We have likely held a few, maybe helped out by babysitting, and we have certainly seen them everywhere.

What about when your baby is born with Down syndrome? Suddenly I realized I didn’t know much about it and can’t even remember ever seeing a baby like mine. I felt fearfulness and my previous expectations didn’t seem to  apply. I asked myself what do I need? I needed to see other babies, children, teens, adults… people with Down syndrome. The moment I walked into GiGi’s Playhouse I knew right away that I had nothing to fear. I am ready for dancing, swimming, four-wheeling, rockin’ out, and a whole lotta beautiful…AND we are looking forward to many visits to GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis! I welcome all new moms to visit and come out to Mom’s Night Out.


Visit GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis on Facebook: GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis or online gigisplayhouse.org/Indianapolis.



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