Everyone at GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis has made their New Year’s Resolutions, but keeping them is ONLY possible with your year-end gift.

@GiGisPlayIndy 20 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2020:

Host the MOST ATTENDED GIGI’S PLAYHOUSE ANNUAL GALA on February 29 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom

Host our largest and MOST SUCCESSFUL 3.21 Run to date, on August 29

Raise ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS at our annual “I Have A Voice” Gala on February 29, in Indianapolis

Increase our PARTNERSHIPS, both inside, and outside of the Down Syndrome Community

Expand our Programming and Tutoring to reach our SOUTH-SIDE COMMUNITIES of Indianapolis

Expand the HUMAN CAPACITY of GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis, to meet the needs of our families

Expand our DIGITAL FOOTPRINT to reach new families across Central Indiana

Further expand our MINORITY INITIATIVES programming


Roll-out all tiers of the GIGIFIT PROGRAMS :Adult-Teen-Infants

Expand GIGI UNIVERSITY providing more education options for our teen and adult friends

Increase CORPORATE SPONSOR dollars by 20%

Increase VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES for the E.P.I.C. program

Upgrade our E-LEARNING SYSTEM to be more efficient and user-friendly for our volunteers

Invite all of our Coordinators to participate with our NATIONAL GIGI’S CONVENTION

Provide opportunities to evolve and refine speech and language with the AMINA GRACE SPEECH AND LANGUAGE PROGRAM

Update our tutoring rooms with TECHNOLOGY ENHANCEMENTS

Expand upon and provide new LITERACY AND MATH RESOURCES for Playhouse students

OPERATION MOM a NEW self care series for GiGi’s Playhouse Moms held quarterly

Expand the message of #GENERATIONG ; a conscious decision to be better every day, to be generous, to be accepting, and to be kind


Help us keep our 2020 Resolutions

Donate to: https://gigisplayhouse.org/indianapolis/donate/

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