Thank You, Summer 2023 Interns!

Most semesters, we are lucky to have a few interns from local universities! Over the summer, Tyler from IUPUI and Emma who just recently graduated from high school joined our intern team and contributed to the success of the Playhouse!

Many times, our interns inquire about joining our team in order to meet an educational requirement. However, something unique to these girls is that their internships this summer were not educationally driven; they desired to commit to an immense amount of hours this summer, turning it into a personal internship. If that does not describe their dedication to spreading the GiGi’s mission, we don’t know what will! THANK YOU to this dynamic duo for sending your summer with us at GiGi’s Indy!

We hope that you enjoy reading their internship testimony! Curious about future internship opportunities? Click HERE!

“As I approach the completion of my summer internship, it is a bittersweet moment. I am thrilled with the amazing opportunity that I had, and I am sad that it is nearing its end. With my time at GiGi’s, I had the opportunity to run programs such as: Destination discovery, GiGi’s Kitchen Adult and Teen, GiGiFIT Adult, EPIC, and participate in the Music: Adult program. I can easily identify that my favorite part of this experience was the individuals in each of these programs. Each Wednesday, we volunteered in the community, and I stood in awe as each individual continuously surpassed any expectations that I had. We recently volunteered at Gleaner’s Food Bank and we stacked two full pallets of boxes that we had packed food in (500 meals)! Not only was I able to build upon my communication, leadership and relationship skills through lesson building, running a fitness program and running EPIC, but I was also continuously being educated on a group of people that I have grown to love. I will continue to volunteer at GiGi’s when I have the opportunities to do so! ” – Tyler Stephens, Programs Intern

“It doesn’t matter if I’m having a bad day, the weather sucks, or I have a million things on my mind—it is absolutely impossible to walk into GiGi’s Playhouse without a beaming smile on my face and leave with an even bigger one. My smile is there to show people what my heart can not say. Whether I am organizing a closet for the day or interacting with our friends, my smile never seems to fade. Every bit of work I do at GiGi’s is making all of the difference for our participants, their families, and how the world views Down syndrome. I first became involved with GiGi’s a little over two years ago, and it continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Ever since I started volunteering here, my passion for helping others has grown tremendously. The most valuable thing I have learned during my time at GiGi’s is that everyone deserves to be loved and given the opportunities to be their best selves because YES, YOU CAN DO IT. Second to that, I have figured out that patience can get you through almost anything. Through patience and persistence, I’ve seen so many people grow in just the short amount of time I’ve been here. In terms of what I have accomplished as a result of these acquired skills, I have successfully and enthusiastically led many different programs, made new friends, organized a LOT, learned so many new things, discovered new passions, and achieved my goal of 5 hugs (at least) every day in order to stay alive! I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to survive when I go to college… Anyways, I have a lifetime of memories and conversations to keep me afloat while I’m away.

I am incredibly grateful for my time at GiGi’s Playhouse, but it is time for the next chapter of my life. GiGi’s will forever be part of my life one way or another, and I will be visiting whenever I can! Second to all of my new friends at GiGi’s, I will miss the luxury of having the BEST person by side guiding me these past two years. I’ll miss you, Molly, and your hilarious kids so much! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better to see 5 days a week. I have grown alongside GiGi’s these past few years, and as a result it has made me a better human. It may sound cheesy, but GiGi’s Playhouse has become a place that feels like home. Thank you to everyone who put their trust in me at the Playhouse!” Emma Bols, Program Intern

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