“The atmosphere at the playhouse is truly one of a kind.”

This fall, GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis had the honor of hosting 4 interns! This group included 2 Program Interns, 1 Program Coordinator Intern and 1 Virtual Marketing and Social Media Coordinator. Within this group, 3 different universities were represented – University of Indianapolis, IUPUI and Purdue University! Without all of the hard work and dedication that these 4 interns gave, we would not have been able to achieve what we were able to this fall. For that, we are eternally grateful! Mon and Jake recently finished their internships at GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis. Morou and Brooke will continue their internship until May 2021.


Enjoy the intern testimonies below –



“I feel like time flew by very fast; I cannot believe that it is already the end of the internship. It was a pleasure getting connected with everyone by informing the Indy community of our amazing programs. I’ll be gone for now, but I hope to get our path crossed again!”


– Jake P. (Virtual Marketing and Social Media Coordinator)





“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a Program Intern this fall, as GiGi’s Playhouse has gifted me with meaningful skills, knowledge, and experiences that I will carry with me forever. GiGi’s Playhouse didn’t feel like “work” or an “internship” because of how much I enjoyed it. I helped create projects and lesson plans, lead activities and fun discussions, and build meaningful relationships with the participants and staff. The atmosphere at the playhouse is truly one of a kind, as it is so positive and supportive and filled with such kind, caring, and wonderful people! Since being an intern at GiGi’s, I have honestly never had a “bad” day and if you asked me what my biggest challenge was as an intern at GiGi’s, I couldn’t give you an answer. That’s because GiGi’s Playhouse embraced all challenges as a learning opportunity and that anything can be conquered as a team. I was led by such great leaders, who demonstrated that teamwork makes the dream work! And although GiGi’s has a team-driven culture, I was still able to apply my abilities and skills when working independently, allowing me to grow professionally and personally. I admire the leadership and guidance from my supervisors and for having trust and faith in me through it all. GiGi’s Playhouse has definitely contributed to my growth and success and I thank God for allowing me to be part of the GiGi’s family!”

                                                    – Mon H. (Program Intern)

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